who the f#*k are we?


woman smiling black and white

“I started to become more & more bored of traditional media and wanted to cultivate a space that would create inclusive and engaging content.”

I’m Sideah (Sid-Day-Yah) to my friends; Sid to my co-workers; Kitty to my Mum; Dae to my family. I’m a BCIT Digital Journalism student by night, and a commercial actress and filmmaker by day.

Welcome to Mutton Media. 

I founded Mutton Media over the summer of 2020, while living with parents, our two dogs and cat in a 900 square foot apartment (thanks again, Mom & Dad!).

I wanted a vehicle to house my creative projects, which at the time was my ultra-low budget film, Hear Me to See Me. Since then, I am excited to announce I will be producing a second film with Art With Impact that will focus on Black Mental Health.

I love storytelling in all forms: I have just completed my Public Relations certificate at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and I am currently enrolled in their Digital Journalism program. I hope to explore and hone my skills in interviewing, producing, and writing.

Due to the demands of full-time school, I will be taking on a limited number of projects for 2021. However, stay tuned for what is to come!